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ITaBW’s strengths lie in our highly experienced team and their dedication to our core principles of person centred practice, human rights, inclusion and wellbeing.

Is There a Better Way is founded by Jaquie Mills and Debbie Lobb who are recognised leaders in the disability community in their support for people, families and services for people with disability. Their passion for knowledge, excellence, advocacy and wellbeing is at the centre of all ITaBW services. Together, Jaquie and Debbie have developed the ITaBW approach which is seen as leading contemporary evidenced-based practice, recognised by universities, providers and other leaders in the field.

When you engage ITaBW services you can be assured of being supported by people who really 'get' the needs of people and families and who have a broad knowledge to help you on your journey to REALLY understand the needs of people who may experience stress and behave in ways that we can at times find a challenge.


Jaquie Mills

Jaquie is a parent of 4 boys, two of whom have a disability. A former teacher, she holds a Masters in Emotional Intelligence. Jaquie has held significant roles in the disability sector leading major reform in access to quality services for people with complex needs and who may also have complex communication needs. Jaquie has exhaustive knowledge across the fields of behaviour support, communication, inclusion, education and health advocacy and is regularly sought for her advice and expertise in these areas. All in all, Jaquie is a truly amazing person who gives her all to ensure people with a disability live an inspiring life.

Debbie Lobb

Debbie is a parent of 3 boys as well! (Wow, so many boys!)

A specialist behaviour practitioner, Debbie is known across the WA disability sector for her leadership roles in supporting organisations and families in understanding the underlying needs and experiences of people with a disability, particularly in relation to complex behaviour or communication needs. Debbie is regularly sought for her knowledge and experience in developing behaviour support models of practice and for her gentle supportive approach to partnering with people to go on a journey of discovery and support development.

Debbie is also the developer and lecturer of post graduate qualifications for teachers and allied health professionals in contemporary Positive Behaviour Support practices.


Kristy Moe

Kristy is an experienced practitioner, known for her calm, flexible and practical approach to working with families and individuals. She has a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy and is experienced in completing comprehensive functional assessments. Kristy focus is on empowering and coaching individuals, families and support staff to build natural, healthy networks so they become less reliant on systems. As a mother of two young children, she is incredibly efficient with her time, practical, so easy to relate to and strongly believes in the spirit of human resilience.


Sarah Turner

Sarah is also a senior behaviour practitioner who has significant experience in applying a needs and relationship based lens to lens to supporting people and their support network. With a background is Speech Pathology, Sarah brings skills and knowledge particularly of interest for people with complex communication needs. Like all of our team, Sarah's approach is about partnering with families and individuals to gently discover the underlying reasons for behaviour and supports that may sense in person-centred ways.


Bronwyn Pike 

Bronwyn has worked for over 20 years within a variety of human services with her focus on supporting individuals and families to plan, develop and self-direct their supports. Bronwyn has significant experience and knowledge in supporting families of people with very complex needs, including challenging behaviour, to find creative and meaningful ways to develop supports that are meaningful and effective. She has led the development of the Side by Side Peer support program for families with loved ones with complex needs and challenging behaviour since 2007, making our Bronnie such a wealth of knowledge in relation to supporting families who may experience challenge behaviour.


Lana Mitchell 

Lana has lived with the challenge of a physical disability which led to embarking on a career within the disability sector, ten years ago. Having worked in both Australia and NZ, thrives on empowering people and their support network to live their best lives. ’Te Whare Tapa Wha’ - Wairua (Spiritual), Hinengaro (Mental, Emotional), Tinana (Physical), Whanau (Family, Social) and Whenua (Land, Roots) - is a Maori model that resonates with Lana's holistic view of health and wellbeing. Lana has broad experience in direct service provision, team management and facilitation, working with people with complex communication needs and behaviour support.

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We believe that everyone, no matter what challenge their behaviour presents to others, should be valued and supported to experience positive wellbeing, relationships and control over their life.  Our aim is to work with supporters and families so that, together, we can achieve this.