You can access support from our team, who collectively bring together the perspectives, knowledge and approaches from both a family experience and professional background. Our coaching sessions provide an option to connect with us for one-off or a series of individual sessions where your individual needs can be explored, reasons for behaviour unpacked and support needs discussed.

You can access these sessions  in two ways:

1. Individual coaching sessions where you can book with one of our staff to have an opportunity for one to one discussion, reflection and support.

2. Group coaching sessions where you can join a small group who would like to explore and learn a bit more about an area or topic that we are discussing as a planned event.


Individual Coaching

Book an individual coaching session with one of our team. You can book just one session or more. Let us know what works for you.

The cost of an individual coaching/consultation session is $120 for an hour.

If you would like to discuss this option a bit more prior to booking please don't hesitate to contact us at


Group Coaching

On a regular basis we support group coaching sessions where families can join a small group of like-minded people, facilitated by Is There Better Way staff. Have a browse of our events page to see what topic we will be discussing and if that relates to something you would like to explore in relation to your own context, experiences and needs. In these sessions we will review some key points to understand why people may display signs that they need support, what we need to consider in planning and how this may relate to your own family.