Partnering with Schools

Is There a Better Way offers a range of support, training and consultation for schools.

Microboards Australia have worked with schools alongside their leadership teams or key practice leaders to continue to progress towards contemporary application of PBS, particularly for schools providing education for children with a disability and who may have complex communication needs.

Our experience and knowledge from both professional and family perspectives ensures that our support is both evidenced based and known to work. If you'd like to know a bit more about us and our approach please go to our about us page.

We offer a range of support to disability support providers, mainstream providers and schools to support building the knowledge, capacity and models of support practices across the disability sector. We have a wealth of experience in sector development and behaviour support models that we bring to this space, having held key roles for the previous 28 years in:

  • Facilitation  and development of the WA Positive Behaviour Framework
  • Chair of Guiding Committee for the Positive Behaviour Framework
  • Contributors to content of Code of Practice for the Elimination of Restrictive Practices
  • Content developers and lecturer of the Post Graduate Certificate of Education: Behaviour support for people with complex needs, Edith Cowan University
  • Member of the intellectual disability and health national alliance
  • Co-developers of WA NDS Behaviour Practitioner Capability Training
  • and many other roles to support sector development in relation to behaviour support

Schools or organisations can access our services and support by contacting us to explore your specific requirements. This might be around specific training, consultation, or mentoring for your staff. We partner with other organisations engaging a collaborative partnership model rather than an expert model, so when you do contact us be assured that we will work with you to explore your individual needs and value your expertise and experience.

Get in touch with us to explore your needs today.

Support for schools, teachers or other professionals can be currently accessed through some of the ways below.

ITaBW for Professionals and Providers

Starting April 2022



We provide a range of tailored consultative support for schools and providers. Please contact us to find out more.


Edith Cowan University Post Grad

Contact Edith Cowan University to find out more about the Special Education Post Graduate Certificate.


Training or Projects

You can access our online training or contact us to develop training specific to your school's needs or projects you would like us to be involved in.


Is There a Better Way is the behaviour support service arm of Microboards Australia.

We are a registered NDIS provider for Specialist Behaviour Support.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what type of support you may value in relation to your NDIS plan.

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