Is There a Better Way FamiliesWhat’s it about?

ITaBW for families has been running for around 9 years now, initially commissioned by the then Disability Services Commission as a support for families BY families who live lives impacted by the complexity of disability and may experience behaviour that indicate concern for their or other’s wellbeing, rights and access to the life they want.

Moving on, ITaBW continues to grow and change with the most current knowledge in relation to how to support families and people with a disability from both professional and lived experiences.

It’s been a passion for us as a first and foremost family led organisation to connect with families and this is one way we do this. We know it is important as it’s been the journey for us as families in our own lives. We get it because we have been there and continue to be there. Our adult kids now have great lives but we’ve learnt so much along the way and we strive to continue to share with and learn from families.

What makes us different is that ITaBW is contributed to by families, real experience of what works and wholistic professional experience from across all aspects of human rights and body and brain experiences. Our team comprises of families, Neurodivergent people, people with a disability, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, behaviour practitioners to name a few. We focus on wellbeing, regulation, relationships and building capacity of the support network.

Did you know that our program and it’s changing versions have been independently evaluated by the University of WA 3 times to measure outcomes? Each time the research has indicated strong positive and lasting outcomes for the wellbeing, knowledge and quality of life for people and their families.

Did you also know that the contributors to ITaBW for Families are also the course writers for post graduate studies in behaviour support and supporting people with complex communication needs across two leading WA Universities? We really are up to date with current knowledge and research alongside what really works.

Our current version of ITaBW for Families is online for families to access at their own pace as we know life is often hard. We make sure we connect with you though and will offer ways to continue to connect with us and family networks following doing the course as we all know that we CANNOT learn everyone in one course. Life and learning a journey.

Want to know a bit more?

You can read a little bit more about ITaBW for families on our website.

Our next round of ITaBW for Families start at the end of January! If you’d like to join us for this round please go to our website and send in an expression of interest and we will contact you with information about how to enrol.

Yes we are here to support families so if funding is hard get in contact with us…

Yes you can use your NDIS plan to attend the course..



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